still loving you


We still have support from Billy Idol, Ashton, Axl Rose.

Since Jesus still is stalking Lahealila we recently decided to anesthesia him, he even distroy this webzite statistics on several places for example on bloggportalen where visitors now are up at 730000/week but it doesn´t show at all.

One of the cat we decited to save so instead of cremate it will have brain-surgery so he forgot his behavior. We hope it will ends well.

Jagger dedicate this song to Lahealila

Scorpions – Still Loving You


dancing with myself


Today we still have support from Billy Idol, Ashton, Jagger.

Yesterday we didn´t finished so now we continues with the cremation of the around 8 female from andromeda with murdered several humanbean and their souls too, and also 2 cats that became sort of jelous with half human-inisiering, course they will rebirth puh it´s never end!

Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself