Great result in the new year

publish 00.00 timezone Stockholm

97,2 trillion, 97 200 000 000 000 visits/very last 24 hours.
127,7 trillion, 127 720 000 000 000 visits/very last 7 days.

100% clear vision

Hello! How you been?

I hope the new year will bring you luck!

Better result than ever in the new year! More than 45 times better than last time. We are more than thankful!
4 873 millions milliards trillion, 4 873 200 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 fallen aliens have died on our galaxy the latest 6 days, because of everybody’s prayers/raise up hands.
But still there are fallen aliens out there.
Please, continue with prayers/raise up hands.

Dear Lord, please protect the earth and heaven against alien intruders and alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen

Better result then ever even in Colorado Springs/USA. We are very grateful.
34 937 alien terrorists have died in Colorado Springs the 6 latest days.
There of, 8037 alien terrorists died because of prayers/raise up hands of people in Colorado Springs,
8400 alien terrorists died because of 2 men went astral from France to Colorado Springs and raised up their hands,
10 200 alien terrorist died in Colorado Springs because of I/Lahealila raised up my hands,
8300 alien terrorists died because of Sea-God, sky-army, seawave-angels, sea-angels raised up their hands.
All alien terrorists belonged to the known “alien” organization M.P.
Thank you all so much for prayers/raise up hands!
Still there are some alien terrorists left.
Please continue with prayers/raise up hands often in Colorado springs.

Further 266 alien terrorists in totally 67 helicopters and 3 aircrafts died above Stockholm the latest 6 days. The helicopters took off from Colorado Springs/USA. Sea-God, sky-army, seawave-angels, sea-angels, I/Lahealila took care of this.
All aliens belonged to the “alien” organization M.P.

There are still incoming spaceships from messier 32 galaxy. In the last 6 days, we handled 84 spaceships above Stockholm with over 4000 aliens.
Please continue with prayers/raise up hands.

40 million aliens died when this man happened to raise up his hands in Siberia/Russia.

A day in the life – Beatles


Have a really nice evening or a really nice day, depending on where you are!

love/Lahealila, sky-army, sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm, seawave-angels by northsea/Sweden, Sea-God