Jagger talking

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Mick Jagger- I´m still here at Lahealilas place, I heard rumors that my heart still beating at the hospital were I lay right now, but I´m not at hospital I´m at Lahealilas.

Mick – I almost had 7 heart disease recently because of my dedicating Iove for Lahealila

Mick – Right now I´m at Lahealilas and Billy Idol is here too eating Lahealilas new cooked pasta with mince and basil tomato sauce, rather good stuff. Now Billy is giving a helping hand with a stalking rather cracy dog who had human-insiering, he will be taking to the cremation and later on he will be a new-born dog. Human-inisiering goes seldom well at dogs, they can fall in love in someone and then get very jealous. R.I.P. doggie

Mick and Billy dedicate this song to Lahealilas ears

meat loaf – anything for love