Love and peace


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100% clear vision
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Hello, how you been?

It’s been nearly springtime in Stockholm today with 8 degrees and a lot of sun, only a little cloudy. In my apartment was it 24 degrees and for the first time this year I had my computer fan on…

Extra smooth came 20 stars out the latest 24 hours, from the big black hole at the south border on andromeda galaxy, all because of the new era! Isn’t that wonderful!

We need more love in the world…

Richard Clayderman – Love story

Scotland,United Kingdom
Feb 2022, Stockholm
I want to come with peace…, says the peace dove.

Have a nice day or evening depending on where you are located.

Love and peace/Lahealila,team,cobra

Light a candle


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100% clear vision
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Hello, how you been?

Light a candle for peace…


Do you remember the white moose I wrote about for some days ago?
How we finally find out that he in real was a human angel
He had so much pain in his legs, after beeing moose for nearly 5 years, he couldn’t nearly stand up. But now, after healing from angels, sky-army and lions, can he stand up! He’s happy again!
The white moose/the angel have something to say: I wants to speake about the importants of peace in all level right now, it’s the new era, don’t forget that.
Thousands of stars have slipped out from the big black hole at the border on andromeda galaxy, and that means much higher energy in the whole cosmos.
Take care!
Youre dear friend/ex. white moose, human angel.

The white moose/the human angel in real!

Father’s love letter (year 1999)
An intimate message from God to you.


Have a really nice day or evening!

Love and peace/Lahealila, team, sky-army, cobra, angels, lions.

Moved to tears

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100% clear vision

Hello, how you been?

Today it’s sunny and 31 degrees in Stockholm and I had to fight with a bee to have my ice cold lemonade alone.

Ongoing raise up hands parties for you aliens

Älvsborg, Sweden

Late yesterday evening I happened to find this stunning picture, but I felt it was something sad about the deer. The deer felt I was looking at him and came astral to my home.
The deer wondered why I had tear in my eyes. You look amazing, but I feel sadness, I answered. Then we saw he was a human angel which aliens wanted to hide, some aliens took away his memory and gave the angel a deer initiating.
Now he’s happy again.
Lahealila and I/the angel have met before, I felt someone nice peeson was looking at me and wanted to see who it was. I’m so thankful she found me/the deer, says the angel.
For 200 years was the angel a deer.

Statue of Evert Taube,Riddarholmen,Stockholm

I just love this song! When I played it the angels were moved to tears, “it’s amazing”, said the angels. It’s written by Evert Taube, he came by from heaven when I played it and said that this is the one I’m most fond of myself, this version is breathtaking!
I Evert Taube wants to say hello to everyone and this is a amazing time for everyone, for other galaxies too. The galaxy you belong to from the beginning loves you and are the galaxy which is the best for you in every ways.

Evert Taube: Så skimrande var aldig havet – Lunds studentsångare
English/So shimmering was never the sea
If you want to buy it ask after paticuarly this version, tell them they can fix it from the music video on my blog.

Londonviadukten in Stockholm

Have a really nice day or a really nice evening!

love/Lahealila, sky-army, space-army, sea-angels, seawave-angels, angels of Lightning, star-angels from out of space, the deer/the angel

They come with peace

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100% clear vision

Hello, how you been?

It’s summer in Stockholm,today it’s 26 degrees and lovely sunny, only a little cloudy.

Oh, its been so much lately, if it wasn’t spaceships close to crash on my building it were several angels we saved from beeing locked in a cloud on a wooden raft, kidnapped by aliens, of course I saw the clouds from my balcony. And while I’m writing, a son killed his alien mother from her incarnation, she was a slaughterer. All happened of course above my bedroom, where else.

Or maybe I tell you about the 3 stars/suns north/east of the Artic Circle which suddenly come closer and closer, when I was looking at them from my balcony last night. Suddenly I saw 3 big columns coming from the stars, it were 7000 star-angels which recongnized me and sky-army from our earlier existence.
We are more than glad they come, they have now parked their stars closer to our galaxy so they can help our galaxy, we are nearly crying couse they are such a big help. They come with peace.
We contacted medially Nasa so they don’t need to wonder about the stars new position.

I come with peace

Maybe you remeber this horse from a writing I did some months ago. I wrote “I come with peace” under the picture and cryed a little. Then we felt that very many people cryed when they saw the photo with that text line.
The horse use to visit us astral, he was living on a farm in north Sweden.
When the horse was visiting us for a while ago, one of my stuffed animals, a boxer dog, said: The horse is a humans angel, the aliens took away his memory and gave him a horse initiating.
The horse, the angel is so happy for beeing released. He’s now a human angel again and are glad for beeing a big help for us now.
My stuffed animals/toy animals are alive and are helping us a lot. The horse,the angel are loving especially the boxer dog and have giving him a part of his heart, and me/Lahealila too for finding the picture.

Central Park,Manhattan,New York
Central Park, New York,
Right here by the benches in Central Park,Manhattan,New York is the raise up hands meeting.

Time and Place

The whole world is so welcome!

Ongoing!! Now they run 24 hours!

Place: Central Park,Manhattan,New York,USA

What: Several people, now even several firemans, are there and are raising up there hands for you aliens!

Come astral

Millions all over the world have joined this!

Countries with top rankings!

no 1 USA
no 2 shared China and Canada
no 3 shared: Russia, Brazil and United Kingdom
no 4 Africa (with South Africa)
no 5 Vietnam
no 6 shared: Germany, Mexico, Indonesia

no7 shared: Taiwan, Italy, Spain, Ukraine
no 8 shared: Kuwait, Arab Emirates, Argentina
no 9 shared: India, Irac, Poland,
no 10 Ireland
no 11 shared: France, Iran, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Malaysia, Syria, Korea
no 12 shared: Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico
no 13 shared: Switzerland, Thailand, Netherlands,Philippines
no 14 Austria

no 15 Norway (1,7 million)
no 16 Denmark
(1,1 million)
no 17 Sweden (500 000)

Millions from each of this countries, no 1-16, and several millions from many other countries too

a very great song

Our God – Chris Tomlin, live Los Angeles, a magic concert
I shoosed some text lines from the song.
Into the darkness You shine (God)
Out of the ashes we rise


Have a really nice weekend!

love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm, seawave-angels by northsea/Sweden, space-angels, oil-angels, gas-angels, star-angels from out of space

Fake votes

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100% clear vision


For you who missed my last article


Yesterday we discovered with clear vision that Hitler wasn´t popularly elected/Germany, he won with 1 million fake votes, it required 700.000 fake votes for Hitler to win the election, but he wanted to win big.

Blue flowers to give hope to those 4 million victims who still remain unconscious in heaven. I took this photo a month ago near my home, I just love those flowers…..

After discovering Hitler as a half-monkey/alien, we reported that to the hell at the seafloor in New Guinea, where he are at the moment, we reported as well to the sky-jail above Stockholm and they reported it to the sky-jails above London/UK, Ireland, USA, Berlin/Germany.

Immediately USA sent 3 men from sky-jail and 2 from hell, London sent 2 men/sky-jail, Ireland 1 man/sky-jail, to question Hitler in hell/New Guinea.

During the questions he turned more and more to half-monkey,and suddenly he showed them he´s long monkey tail. He also told them that he´s fiancee Eva Braun also is a monkey, and that he was aware during the incarnation that he was a half-monkey living in a human world. Everything was theater for him, he just wanted to be famous, historically known.

The tourist´s complaint/Turistens klagan-Cornelis Vreeswijk
i love, the best choir ever…..


Det sjunger några ungar på Karl Johan
Dom låter starka och fina som bara ungar kan
Själv e jag bakom lås och bom på mitt hotell
En kväll bak barrikaden en vanlig kväll

Över mitt huvud svävar en kolsvart gam
I rummet bredvid mitt sjunger en tokig dam
Och jag är trött och tveksam men deras sång är glad
Om inga ungar funnes så slutar ja’

Min dam att språket slinter i vissa fall
På grund av snö som blöter fast den är kall
Stor sak däri, skidåkning har också charm
Gnid in ditt skinn med nässlor så du blir varm

Men det ska vara nässlor från vikens kant
Och inga sneda nässlor från ruinens brant
Bevara oss från dem som dessa saluför
Oss och de glada ungarna här utanför

När inga ungar längre finns är allting slut
Vad är det då för mening om man står ut?
Visst har det blivit kaos i tidens lopp
Men så länge det finns ungar så finns det hopp