a glance that kill

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100% clear vision


This night I killed 18 alien terrorists from the organization M.P all by myself.

Yes I did, and that without weapon, 14 of them died when I for a moment looked in their eyes and 4 when I clapped my hands.

This happened around 0.3.00 tonight Swedish time…..

4 noiseless helicopters landed on my building/Stockholm, they were hidden. Suddenly I saw 4 astral aliens in one body in my bedroom, I stood up and clapped my hands, all 4 died of that.

After that when I was in my living room, came the aliens medially down from the helicopters, just to take a look, and they did, in my eyes, and died. The aliens said to eachother “It´s a show going on in her flat, lets go down”. After that, 14 aliens died after looking into my eyes for a second. Now the sky-army says “You are our master”. The finally 4 aliens took the army care of.

The 4 helicopters took off from Colorado Springs/USA with 4 nuclear bombs,3-5 kilo, and the crew were totally 22 aliens, 18 were from the organization M.P.

This time photographed by 7 people and seen by 40 people in Colorado Springs/USA.

presence now

Now 06.00 in the morning Swedish time, the sky-army are at Colorado Springs/USA and in secret taking 4 helicopters with alien terrorists, standing on the helicopter plates ready to take off.

Please pray if you want to help

Dear Lord, please protect against alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen

Colorado Springs,USA


We discovered the power of panpipe…..

We could say that aliens took the beautiful sound of the panpipe to their heart and died, 40 aliens use to die at the same time.

Kjilmar Song Of Ocarina Hijos del Sol