new archangel birds in sky

publish 02.19 swedish time

clear vision


We still have 2 priest from sos assisting Lahealila/with company

A couple of days ago one of the priest discovered a bird flying high up in the sky, not on the earth´s heaven but even really higher up in the sky, Maxi (dog) saw that the bird had very high level around 100 and was an archangel-bird. After that we discovered several birds high up and counted them to around 1000 birds/archangel with extremelly high level around 100!

Level 100 is the highest on birds or any animals ever over all galaxies/cosmos

The new archangel birds are brown and looks nearly like this one but are a little bigger and has about 13,8 cm greater wing width.


After that Maxi saw where the birds came from and right there it were higher energi than in the rest of heaven, it was level around 146 and that is the highest level in heaven over all galaxies/cosmos.

The new birds seems satisfied and are talking a lot to each other, the birds chirp a lot. They are golden brown and have lively eyes.

i love…….

Gazebo – I like chopin

Coming up next: 250 people was murdered on earth/Tellus of one incarnated serial killer from andromeda-galaxy who was unlawfully incarnated on earth/Tellus.


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