Bowie/full andromeda

clairvoyant view

very latest news

In this presenc now my cat discovered that former ded artist David Bowie is fully 100% from andromeda galaxy and have killed 6 human bean in heaven at this galaxy milkyway

David came to meet Mick Jagger and his former ded partner when he and Gray Grantham from facebook both from andromeda started to act wierd, my cat said immediately Gray and David are from andromeda. Grey has killed 5 human bean. We called after the sky-police and they are taking them to sky-jail above LA/us for further investigation and then later on might be to andromeda galaxy for being banish on this galaxy milkyway for murderer of 6 human bean.

David Bowie is 38% cold-harted thats wy he could murderer 6 human bean and also their souls. David says to Lahealila I`m sorry for what happend earlier.

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

Folk continue with prayers it`s given result.

David Bowie – Heroes

love/Lahealila,Mick Jagger,Scott, Rod Stewart.

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