spacecraft located

very latest news

Right now one of my cats and minibear located spacecraft with about 10 crewmen on bord, before I asked them to lock after if that man I felt looking at me from across the other house wasn`t from a spaceship. The animals anesthetized the crew immediately and are now boarding the spaceship with Mali, Tomas and Jonny from a facebook-group to take back stolen body-parts for example.

So continu with prayers, the 4 latest hours has 2 citizen from andromeda galaxy passed away and 5 fainted because of you folks prayers.

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

Very soon in precens now my pussicat and minibear will report about spaceship to sky-police-station.

Thats was all for now so good night or good afternoon depending on where you are located.

love/Lahealila, Mali, Bruce, Tomas, Jonny

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