The shortest night

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100% clear vision

The longest day


Today we celebrate midsummer in Sweden,it´s the longest day,sunrise was at night 03.27,and sunset will be at 22.07 tonight. It´s sunny and 26 degrees at Stockholm today.

strawberry midsummer cake

Swedish tradition,midsummer barling

Please pray to protect our planet,the sun,the moon,heavenly heaven,our galaxy milkyway with all planets,suns,moons/Living earth soul

As I said before,music is a peaceful and very powerful weapon.

When we played this song earlier today,128 aliens nearby died.

I give you the morning-Weeping Willows/swedish group,written by american Tom Paxton

I wish you all a nice midsummer!

love/Lahealila,team,Tussilago,army,living earth soul (he came by while I was writing this)

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