pilot switch

publish 02.17 timezone Stockholm clear vision


I saw a aircraft flying low near my home a few days ago, I asked my team to check why? When 2 from the team flew astral close the plane they heard the pilot wonder if he would drop bombs here one day, they also saw that he wasn´t incarnate, he was only materialized and from andromeda galaxy!

– Are you ready to take over the plane, cause the pilot wonder if he would drop bombs over this area soon and bye the way, he´s from andromeda galaxy, the team asked the co-pilot.
– Yes I´m sure are, replicated the co-pilot.
– Then you can say bye to your pal, said team.
co-pilot – bye bye. What! Are you lifting him out of the plane!?
team – Yes we are, is it against the law?
co-pilot – No I think you 2 write your own laws, I´m satisfied with that.

When they were lifting first pilot out of the plane, he dropped his head and serial-died
There were 47 on board the plane that was heading to Ukraine.

Today there were 7 spacecrafts in Stockholm´s south suburbs, 3 of them have my Lahealila´s team captured today/Feb26, 40-57 men on board each spacecraft from andromeda galaxy.
Great job team! love/Lahealila

please pray for security for everyone in south suburbs Stockholm

Please pray for security for everyone on earth and against blitz, air raid. Protection for all animals on earth and in heaven, and also for buildings.

, south Stockholm,Nacka nature reserve/Björkhagen,Söderbysjön


Mean It (stripped)-Lauv & LANY


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