publish 17.36 swedish time clear vision


Its still 4 sky-police stations/with hostage” occupied by citizens from andromeda-galaxy,above South Dakota/USA, above London/uk, above Paris/France and one more above USA/secret.

The big sky-police station above London is infact about 4760 meters right above Buckimham Palace in London. There are 18 policemen in the hostage and the perpetrators from andromeda-galaxy are 6-10 men, 2 of the perpetrators was killed when the sky-police station became occupied.
Please pray for releasing

Buckimham Palace/London

And about 4850 meters right above the building in the picture below is the sky-police station lacated above Paris/France. There are 9 policemen in the hostage and in this presence now only 4 perpetrators then 4 of them died and one is half-dead/immobile.
Please pray for releasing


And no difference here I´m sorry, about 7-8 citizen from andromeda-galaxy have still occupied the sky-jail/with hostage” above Stockholm/Sweden, they actually moved the sky-jail so its located just above my building.
Please help to release the guads by prayers

1/3 of the andromeda-galaxy´s sky surface are now black holes

It has now increased to about 352 black holes! at andromeda-galaxy, because of their behavior against other galaxies that means that movements has started for a elimination of the andromeda-galaxy, in fact, the black holes covers now 33% of the surface of the sky

 http://milkywaygalaxynews.com/sky/happy-new-year/  yet one more sky-police station is occupied by 9-12 citizens from andromeda-galaxy, that happened for about 21 hours ago above south Dakota, infact its right above the building you see in this picture 

Pray for protection for body and life and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain closed against andromeda galaxy.

W.A.S.P. Miss You


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