Lucifer and sankt Peter alive

clairvoyant view

very latest news

Lucifer and sankt Peter is alive!

My 2 cats called for Lucifer`s soul-angel and he came and is feeling very well. He just been eaten chicken-pasta I boiled.

Then my cats called for sankt Peter`s soul-angel and he also came and is feeling rather well, he`s eating pasta now.

Adam, Petter and Malì is here astral from their facebook-group/us and are here to support this.

First they have been cold bloody murdered and then also stolen of their identity, Lucifer was murdered for 740 years ago and sankt Peter was cold bloody murdered for 404 years ago by “neandertals” from andromeda galaxy.

sankt Peter

Lord Lucifer and sankt Peter never understood that they were ded, they flew around as birds with their soul-angel, the soul-angel locks like a brown bird.

Lord Lucifer is 8th highest soul in our galaxy and sankt Peter is the 3d highest soul. They are exciting to be back and so very happy to be found alive!

They are very thankful to my deloved cats, and want to say a very big thank you to them who belived that they could return from the ded.

Big thanks to deloved Lahealila they say unisont.

Pray for our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

Arash – One day ft Helena


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