archangel-dolphins at Red Sea

publish 21.44 swedish time clear vision


Since about 9.30 its 2 americans/Alabama Mary-Anne, Chaty here astral helping us out “me/Lahealila and the animals”, we met once in a swedish church for about 1,5-2 years ago. At midnight they felt that is was some sort of danger in the sky just above my/Lahealil´s building, so therefore severels more aliens/andromeda-galaxy became stopped. And one priest is still here, as I told you about earlier. Thanks so much all 3 of you for helping.

I happens to find this photo and when we look closer we saw it were high archangel-dolphins with high-level 27-30,5 and high energy-being from 200% up to 455% at the Red Sea.

archangel-dolphins at the Red Sea

new occupation

Yesterday became the sky-police station above Paris/France occupied by 7-9 citizens from andromeda-galaxy, we are really sorry but hope they gets help soon.

I´m at least glad to say that the sky-police above Ireland now are free, but one sky-police station above USA and the big one above London/uk are, I´m sorry to say, still occupied.
Please help them with prayers, cause the policemen are feeling very bad and a lot of them are crying after help.


plenty of more and bigger black holes

It has now increased to about 210 black holes! at andromeda-galaxy, because of their behavior against other galaxies that means that movements has started for a elimination of the andromeda-galaxy.

And no difference here I´m sorry, about 7-8 citizen from andromeda-galaxy have still occupied the sky-jail/with hostage” above Stockholm/Sweden, they actually moved the sky-jail so its located just above my building.
Please help to release the guads by prayers

Pray for protection for body and life and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain closed against andromeda galaxy.


i love
Lady and the Tramp-Bella Notte/Spaghetti Scene

Have a pleasant evening

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