andromeda´s judgement day

publish 22.28 swedish time

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It´s still 100% burning on andromeda-galaxy´s sky and it explodes a lot.

164 750 people have now died at andromeda-galaxy, mostly at the sky (heavenly heaven), and near 70 000 people are unconscious.

19% of andromeda-galaxy´s sun has die away.
And 99,9% of the ocean has black holes.

The burning, the explosions, the black holes and the sun partly fading away is happening because of their behavior against other galaxies, especially against our galaxy milkyway

Now the fire has spread further down the sky so now its visible from their planet, the fire is now about 400 meters above the planet.

If there on a galaxy is more than 50% fallen people (witches) which are more than 85% fallen (85% witches) at the sky (heavenly heaven) it can start burning – and thats what happens at andromeda-galaxy.

And its the same at the sky that is near above a planet if more than 50% of the incarnated are more than 85% fallen – and thats why the ozean at the planet on andromeda-galaxy now have 99,9% black holes and thats why the burning now only are 400 meters above the planet.

note: In sky (heavenly heaven) a person is called witch if he/she is more than 50% fallen, and if they are more than 87% fallen they sometimes burns at the stake in hell.

550 people have escaped from the burning and have crossed the border into our galaxy milkyway, and 100 people are further out in space between galaxies, and 65 people have gone to the satellite galaxy messier 32.

Please  pray that  our galaxy milkyway  not shall be affected by annihilation movements from andromeda-galaxy, and that our galaxy´s zones shall remain closed against andromeda galaxy.

Andromeda galaxy is a lower-energy galaxy and they are forbidden enter upon our galaxy milkyway`s zones and all incarnation is forbidden and unlawfully

Darin – Nobody Knows


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