andromeda riot continues

clear vision time 06.10 swedish time


Now you can behelp with prayers!!

30 sky-policemen still are anesthetized and 20 policemen was kept as hostage until right now and also 1 policemen was killed for one hour ago, we hope to wake him up again, people from andromeda galaxy have done all this. All is happening above me Lahealilas building just outside the inner city Stockholm.

3 sky-policestations are here from Ohio/us, West Virginia/us and 2 strenghts Texas/us.

Presence now-note 15.10 swedish time:

Right now 84 policemen are new-anesthetized by andromeds and also 6 policemen have been shoot down but we hope we will be able to wake them up from death, one of them is now awake. 6 police-strenghts shall we now try to wake up from West Virginia/us, 2 strenghts Texas/us, 2 stenghts Ohio/us and Colorado/us. Dear Good help us. amen

Now you can pray with us so the andromeda riot ends now!!!

Dear Good we need help with strenghts so we can move the worst man ever/over all galaxies and he´s also the sickest jealous ever/over all galaxies for things he done/do here at milkyway to a sky-policestation and very soon to hell at andromeda-galaxy. His name is Ziero and he’s even wanted for killings/body and soul” of 23 people at andromeda.

And also the worst witch/over all galaxies right now for what she done/do here at milkyway its a women, named Eiwelin, we also need to move but to a different sky-policestation. Eiwelin is also from andromeda where she`s also wanted for killings/body and soul” of 6 people at andromeda. Help us dear Good. AMEN


kiss – every time I look at you


2,797 thoughts on “andromeda riot continues”

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