98% alien prisoners

publish 02.25 timezone Stockholm

100% clear vision


It was 19 degrees and sunny in Stockholm today, the warmest day so long this year.

There would be very few prisoners at Rikers Island,prison/New York, if there were no aliens in New York, 98,7% of the prisoners are aliens/illegal incarnation.

Right now, 13800 prisoners/Rikers Island” are aliens, thereof 13792/andromeda-galaxy and around 8-9 /messier 32 galaxy, a satellite galaxy to andromeda galaxy, means, it has its orbit around andromeda galaxy.
Only 197 prisoners are from this galaxy/milkyway.

Of the 1800 prisoners who committed the most serious crimes, most serial killer/mass killer” are 100% aliens, thereof 1789/andromeda-galaxy, 11/messier 32 galaxy (april 24)

I/we are quite surprised over the numbers, but we checked it with clear vision several times, so it is correct!

Prison,Rikers Island,New York
Massgrave, Hart Island, New York, victims covid-19 , 5-8 half to full cremated bodies in each box, buried by Rikers Island

The deaths of covid-19 hit aliens / incarnate-earth are 60,08 % of the total deaths of covid-19 and only 39.92% of the deaths are people from this galaxy (april 24)

Covid-19  total deaths / world 232 527 (april 24)

We got the number with clear vision why the total deaths / world is higher than the official 190395 (april 24), because we counted all who died of covid-19.

139 718 aliens have now died of Covid-19 , They were illegal incarnate , earth  “milkyway, thereof 27 deaths / illegal incarnate earth” from Messier 32 galaxy, 139,691 deaths / illegal incarnate earth “from Andromeda galaxy (april 24)

Aliens from andromeda galaxy, don´t cope covid-19, cause they are lower-energy beings.

New York state capital/Albany

37 827 aliens have died in USA of covid-19 , illegal incarnation / earth
66,16.% of total covid-19 deaths / USA are aliens , died since Dec-2019.

Covid-19  total deaths / USA 57 170 (april 24)

We got the number with clear vision, why the total deaths / USA is a little higher than the official 49 754 (april 24), its because, we counted all who died of covid-19 in USA.

New York

Neil Diamond-I Am… I Said



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