14 executioners killed/space

publish 17.54 swedish time

clear vision


Thank you all so much for your prayers, 14 of 19 black-clad executioners from andromeda-galaxy sky were killed because of your prayers, 5 retreated.
One black-clad executioners self-died, his whole astral-body turned to grey-black powder as he tried to get through my window, and one I killed.
81 fallen/witches from andromeda-galaxy self-died at our galaxy milkyway because of your prayers, thank you all so very much.

5 spaceship from andromeda-galaxy are located inside milkyway´s zones, bye the way, one of the spaceship is stolen from messier 32 galaxy and the other spaceships are built with stolen drawings belonging messier 32.

211 sky-animals stolen by a few from andromeda-galaxy, horses, dogs, cats, cows, owls, one falcon, crows, magpies, donkeys, one camel, one dromedary, birds, were rescued by sky-horses, sky-police after I/Lahealila and team with sky-horse discovered it.

presence now – urgently 12.43 swedish time jan 26

now: 6 new black-clad executioners from andromeda-galaxy sky have cross our border.

17 sky-horses, sky-police, Lahealilas team are now working to incapacitate 103 fallen/witches people from andromeda-galaxy which have cross milkyway´s borderline.

If you wont to help, please pray much, thank you, it will really help.
 http://milkywaygalaxynews.com/galaxy/presence-now/  Black-clad executioners from andromeda-galaxy have cross the border to our galaxy milkyway and are threatens our highest incarnate 
a new horse-friend to the sky-horse that is helping us much
 http://milkywaygalaxynews.com/galaxy/andromedas-judgement-day/  It´s still 100% burning on andromeda-galaxy´s sky and it explodes a lot. 164 750 people have now died at andromeda-galaxy, mostly at the sky (heavenly heaven), and near 70 000 people are unconscious. 

Darin – You´re Out Of My Life/Live GLOBEN/Stockholm

persian-leopard/siberia minus-55 degrees

love/Lahealila/team and sky-horse

write-ups in a few hours

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